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WARNING: Limited Supply

Get Resale Rights to Re-Sell The Web Army Knife and Keep 200% profit on every sale!

When: Thursday, 5:40 PM
From: Mike Chen

Dear Neterpreneur,

As If I wasn't already crazy for releasing the Web Army Knife so cheap on the Internet, I'm also offering resale rights that anyone can afford!

The craziest part of all is that you get to keep more than 100% of the money you make when you sell The Web Army Knife. I let you keep a shocking 200%.

If you've ever planned to make truckloads of cash selling something on the Internet, The Web Army Knife is the program you've been looking for. Not only does it render all other "generator" software obsolete, it takes it a step further and offers a lot of tools that aren't available anywhere else!

Anyone who's making a web page needs The Web Army Knife. In fact, I'd go so far to say that once someone's used it, they won't be able to go back!

But now, to answer the question you've really been wondering about. How does The Web Army Knife let you keep a mind-blowing 200% of the money you make selling it?

First off, you'll be able to sell The Web Army Knife as many times as you want for any price that you want. You'll even be able to give it away as an enticing bonus with any other product. As long as you don't give it away for free, the sky's the limit. This alone will bring you a lot of money.

The real money from The Web Army Knife however comes from its ingenious back-end sales machine designed specifically for you, the reseller. The instant you purchase resale rights, you'll be able to download an extremely specialized, branded version of the software that is chock full of your affiliate links.

The manner in which they are presented has been proven to produce results. I guarantee you if you sell 10 copies of The Web Army Knife, eventually 5 of them will buy from an affiliate link in the program.

That's not even the secret though! The secret lies in the Web Army Knife Mailing List, which all your customers will be a member of. Since I release new add-ons and upgrades to The Web Army Knife almost weekly, everyone who is a member will be notified via email. In addition, the Web Army Knife icon will flash when I make an update.

These newsletters and updates will also contain precisely targeted affiliate links from you as well. And none of this requires any work from you! If you get several copies of The Web Army Knife out there, you'll soon find back-end profits residually rolling in for months and months to come. Imagine if you sold 100 copies at $69.77. Not only would that be $6977 initially, but you'd find yourself with another $5,000 rolling in from the back end profits. No resale rights package has ever been able to boast something as amazing as this.

As if that wasn't enough, when you become a reseller I will share some of my web site promotion secrets that I don't share anywhere else. It's the way I plastered WebLock Pro and ClickLocker all over the net in a matter of months. Your site can be just as popular. It's not magic, its a system. I'll teach it to you when you become a reseller.

I know this resale rights package would be far underpriced if I charged $199 for it. You'd make it all back in a matter of days. For some reason, something has gotten into me and I've decided to sell it for $99.77. Everyone I've asked has told me that this is way too low, but this way the popularity of my product will spread faster and you'll be able to reap more profits. You just have to sell a few copies and you're in the green. And trust me, with this program, selling is easy.

Here's what you get when you order the resale rights package...
  • The rights to sell The Web Army Knife at any price you want or give it away as a bonus with any product you sell. You can sell unlimited copies.
  • A personally branded copy of The Web Army Knife that will continue to produce sales for months to come.
  • Automatic, unlimited, free updates of the software forever, and resale rights to the updates as well.
  • Subscription for your clients to The Web Army Knife Newsletter which has been proven to produce sales. I do all the work for you!
  • A copy of The Web Army Knife for your own use.
  • A copy of The Web Army Knife web site that you can upload and be ready to go!
  • A printable certificate proving your rights to re-sell The Web Army Knife
  • Step by step directions to follow to start earning cash!
  • Exclusive access to the Web Army Knife Reseller's Area, jam packed with amazing promotional tools an tips...the same ones I use to promote my products! Explode your sales like never before seen!
WARNING: I am only planning on selling a very limited number of resale rights licenses. If the order link below works, you'll be able to purchase the rights. If you click it and receive a message stating that they are sold out, you're probably out of luck. However, check back every now and then anyway to see if I've added any more.

As I said above, the current price of $99.77 is ridiculously low. I'll probably come to my senses soon and raise it, so if I were you and I wanted to make some serious dough with this opportunity, I'd take out my credit card and order now! You'll be able to sell unlimited copies and keep 100% of the profit to yourself, and cash in on potentially limitless backend profits!

Only $99.77

Instant Download

Resale Rights Terms

This license is non-transferrable. You have the rights to sell copies of The Web Army Knife only, and not the re-sale rights.

The suggested retail price is $69.77, however you may set your own price or include The Web Army Knife as a bonus on your website or with any other package you sell.

You may not give The Web Army Knife away for free.

The terms of this agreement will be monitored very closely, and any violators will have their license revoked immediately.

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Dale Woodland
Email: dale@ranklocator.com

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